New items and Massive restock on Friday!  Existing pre-orders that were scheduled to ship on June 4th will ship on May 31st.  I will post these necklaces in my Etsy Shop around 6:00pm EST on Friday June 1st. I have a lot of these necklaces ready to ship -except for the eternal sailor moon pendants, I only have a couple since most of them sold at Anime North.  Please do not ask me to hold or reserve items for you. They will be offered on a first come first serve basis only. No exceptions.

Starting from the top:

New Items:

NEW! Pretty Guardian Pendant - $35. This one is much bigger than the cosmic heart (hence the price difference).  It’s about 2” (50mm) wide and 2” tall.

NEW! Season 1 Necklace - $25 About 36mm in diameter

To be Restocked:

Crisis Necklace - $30  About 1 5/8” (~41 mm) in height and 2 1/4” (~58mm) in width.

Eternal Necklace - $25  About 1 1/4” (~32 mm) in height and 3” (~75mm) in width.

Cosmic Heart Necklace - $25  About 1 5/8” (~41 mm) in height and 1 3/8” (~34mm) in width.

Chibi Moon Compact Necklace - $45  About 2 1/4” (~58 mm) in height and 1 3/4” (~44mm) in width with a giant pink 28mm Swarovski Heart crystal! 

All crystals are swarovski crystals. My pendants DO NOT OPEN. I’m sorry if this upsets you, but if I were to do that (which I don’t plan to) it would require much more time, work, materials and of course be more expensive. Please remember, we are not a huge factory. There are only two of us making, packaging and shipping your orders. 

All prices are exclusive of shipping.  Shipping is $3.00 US/Canada, $5.50 Everywhere else.  EXCEPT for Chibi Moon Pendants.  These are larger and heavier and therefore carry a higher shipping cost.  Shipping for the Chibi Moon pendants is $5 US/Canada $7 Everywhere else.

First time buying on Etsy?  Please read this article.  Please read my shop policies before purchasing.  Sadly, I no longer ship to BRAZIL, I’ve had too many lost/delayed parcels to Brazil. 

 ♥ ♥ ♥ Thank you!  ♥ ♥ 

:) i think these are pretty cool. purchased two for myself already. they’re on sale NOW so buy it fast or else it’ll be sold out!!!!

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